The apple blossom

The magic awakening of nature

A fascinating natural spectacle

There is a magic moment in the year but not everybody is lucky enough to enjoy it. It’s the time when the sun begins to heat the air and when we can again hear the singing of the birds and the humming of small busy insects. Imagine immersing yourself into an almost fairytale-like world: whole valleys become a sea of white and pink flowers and there is a fresh, delicate scent in the air.

Spring has come and with it the apple blossom, a natural spectacle that you can normally admire between mid-April and the beginning of May. It is the awakening of nature in all its power and splendor. Swarms of worker bees attracted by the warming rays of the sun and the mild temperatures during the day fly from apple tree to apple tree to pollinate the flowers. These little helpers are very welcome guests as they are so precious for the ecosystem in the apple orchards. This is why many apple producers set up beehives and insect hotels where bees can find a safe, calm place.


The most “flowery” time of the year

This magic in a perfect balance, which also the apple producers fascinatingly live with great emotion year after year, is the beginning of the ripening process of unique and distinctive Ambrosia™ apples. They are irresistible by nature and have found an ideal second home in the valleys of two Italian regions: Piedmont and South Tyrol.

If you should be in these valleys in spring, enjoy the magic of the apple blossom! Then take a deep breath and try to smell the sweet scent of this apple with its unmistakable honey aroma. All your senses will thank you.