The pleasure of experimenting

Anagramma is a mirror of all those things that we like most: cooking, eating, inviting guests, traveling and, above all, sharing all this with our friends.

A journey between culture and nature

We love getting inspired by our journeys, by encounters with other cultures, by moments of daily life… We are two sisters united by the same origins but also by shared values that are reflected both in our culinary creations and in our photos. We like savoring every moment of life and trying out new and creative combinations in our kitchen. 

For us, the apple represents tradition and origin but also unconventionality. So we indulged in the pleasure of experimenting with the Ambrosia™ variety, a relatively new apple of foreign origin with a distinct honey and nectar aroma. This crunchy and juicy variety is extraordinarily sweet and thus ideal for consumption in autumn and winter.  

We chose classic autumn recipes and let ourselves be inspired by what most represents us:  journeys and nature. The reinterpretation of the French toast is the result of a recent trip to France to romantic Paris where you can breathe the scent of fresh bread at every step... Due to the versatility of the apple we then tried combining a classic Italian focaccia with Ambrosia™ apples, sunflower and sesame seeds, a tribute to our fields.  


Your overall judgement

Do you like the classic cuisine or are you ready to dare? Do you like getting inspired by other cultures or do you prefer rather traditional recipes?

The most important thing for us is expressing ourselves and drawing attention to the ingredients we use and this is what we also tried to do with Ambrosia™.

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