The versatility of Ambrosia™ in the kitchen

A mix of exotic tastes in the La Petite Xuyen recipes

Attractive appearance with characteristic aroma

As a fanatic experimenter in the kitchen, I have been looking for an apple with an attractive appearance and a characteristic aroma for quite some time. Where can you find a bi-colored, red apple that is crunchy and juicy at first bite and impresses with its characteristic honey and nectar aroma?

I have immediately fallen in love with Ambrosia™ with its perfectly fitting name that reminds us of the “food of the Gods”, stimulating my imagination about which dishes might be perfect for best emphasizing the main characteristics.

This apple has proved to be particularly sweet and aromatic at the same time during my experiments in the kitchen. I would say perfect for this Cream of pumpkin with Ambrosia™ apples and coconut milk. But Ambrosia™ also impresses with its honey and nectar notes and with its bright color that makes it particularly attractive. This is why I wanted to enhance these two characteristics in my Red cabbage salad with Ambrosia™ apples and caramelized nuts.