A beguiling journey of the senses

Which taste explosion does Ambrosia™ cause? A fascinating sensorial analysis.

A beguiling smell of sweet nectar

Ambrosia™ represents an absolute novelty in terms of smell. The composition contains fine notes of sweet pear and ripe apricot. This ripe fruitiness constitutes the heart of the scent but there is also a combination of seducing fragrance components caressing the nose at the same time. It reminds you of the sugary, sweet fragrant fluid of flower nectar.

Sensitive olfactory receptors already perceive this subtle sweetness before biting into an Ambrosia™ apple. In this way, we are actually encouraged to imitate the curious behavior of bees in spring that are magnetically attracted by the sweet nectar. Every hint to the peel’s green grassiness immediately vanishes due to the subtle sweetness. 


Intense taste of honey with fruity notes

Ambrosia was the name of the honey-sweet food of the Gods in ancient Greece. And as soon as you bite into an Ambrosia™ apple, you will discover that this apple really lives up to its name. In Europe, Ambrosia™ apples are only produced in Italy, namely in Val Venosta and in Piedmont, but this full-bodied and fruity gift of nature is available to persons all around the world.

Ambrosia™ apples distinguish themselves by their extraordinarily intense, unique aroma of sweet honey and flowery nectar. Fruity notes of honeydew melon, pear, mango and a little bit of apricot that persist on the palate add to the intense sweetness. A very light acidity that is only slightly present in the background makes this sugar-sweet apple delicacy refreshing. Especially children and people with a sweet tooth love the honey-sweet taste of Ambrosia™ apples!