It’s harvest time!

The harvest of Ambrosia™ apples is carefully controlled.

Every apple is harvested at the right moment

Ambrosia™ apples are harvested between the end of September and the beginning of October. Is the apple already ripe and ready to be harvested? This depends on its inner values determined by ripening tests in the laboratory. The careful manual harvest can only begin if disintegration of starch, flesh firmness and sugar content are fine because Ambrosia™ apples are only harvested when they have developed their honey-sweet taste, smell like nectar and can boast shining bright red cheeks. Several picking passages are generally necessary to guarantee that every single Ambrosia™ apple has reached perfect ripeness.


Manual work and constant control for best quality

Every single apple is traditionally harvested by hand because apple lovers should only get premium Ambrosia™ apples of the best quality. Forklifts, lifting platforms and picking baskets are used to facilitate the physical work. Modern lifting platforms allow apple pickers to comfortably reach the apples in the tree tops.

Afterwards, the apples are gently sorted and stored. From harvest to storage, sorting, packaging and sales: Careful controls in every single production phase guarantee extraordinary quality and certified safety and preserve the unique characteristics of Ambrosia™ apples until consumption. Every single apple can be traced back to its producers thanks to strict controls.