Brought into shape

Winter is the period of pruning.

Pruning trees to get ready for spring

The harvest is over and all Ambrosia™ apples have been picked from the trees. Is it time for a winter break now? Not at all! The apple producers take care about their Ambrosia™ apple orchards all year round. This is why they continue with new works right after the harvest. The temperatures drop and nature prepares for winter. So the pruning period begins.

By pruning branches the apple producers prepare their trees for the next harvest during the dormancy and thus lay the foundation for filling the shelves with high-quality Ambrosia™ apples in the next season.


Back to the cycle of nature

When pruning trees the apple producers remove old branches, reduce shoots and shorten branches. They aim at getting spindle-shaped trees to guarantee that their Ambrosia™ apples get enough energy and light in spring and summer. Furthermore, pruning stimulates young fruiting branches.

The cut branches fall to the ground and are shredded by the mulcher. The mulch slowly decomposes and becomes an excellent natural fertilizer. This is where everything comes full circle as the producers return part of the trees to the soil.